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The internet has become a part of life. Being a globetrotter or business traveler has become easier nowadays than the ages. Everyone searches out on the internet to find more info on their destination before they reach. Thanks for the technology, the property owners (Hotels, lodges etc..,) can showcase their property virtually through virtual tours.

What is Virtual Tour/Gallery?

Virtual Tour can be explained in a lay man’s language as “shooting photos of a place or property and then stitching them together using special softwares to present the property as it is virtually!”

Host IT, Chennai’s team have a great experience and worked many projects in this vertical both nationally and internationally. Apart from just using photos alone, we can use various Medias (i.e., video, audio etc..,) in a virtual tour, which enhances the viewer’s experience.

So, who’re all can use virtual tours?

Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Corporate houses which are all interested to showcase their infrastructure online or to use it as a presentation can go for it.

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