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Registering your Domain Name and hosting a better designed site online is a job half done. You've to tell that your site is available there to serve your potential customer. How to do that?

The Search Engines come in handy to do the job in a better way. Either you can do Search Engine Optimization or go for paid ads. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you've to wait atleast a couple of weeks to see the result. If you are in need of customers immediatly through your site, then the Paid Ads will be the better solution.

When it comes to Search Engines, Google gets more eyeballs when compared to any other search engines out there! So using Google to help you to reach your customer would be the better desicion you ever take.

What is Google Adword?

Google Adword is a service by the world's leading search engine, to promote your product or service to the potential client of your business, when they're actively searching for your product or service using Google.

Advantages of Google Adword:

  • No minimum spend.
  • Immediate implementation and results.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly spend can be controlled as we wish.
  • Can target a minimum radius of 15 KM from a particular location to the whole world.
  • Advertising time, locations can be controlled.
  • Pay Per Impression or Pay Per Click.
  • Pay Per Click is used to acquire clients.
  • Pay Per Impression is used for Brand promotion.

Want to have any proof on that. Here it is, check out the testimonial video of India's well known brand India Mart's Founder and CEO & GM Marketing who've used the Google Adwords.

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