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Designing a website which looks better and converts the visitors as customer is more important, for any business which wants to thrive online. Also the site should be designed in such a way that it should cater the search engine robots to crawl the content of the site, and store the details of the website in its server, so that whenever a search query risen from the potential customer for the business, the website of the business should be listed in the search engine result page. Because, most of the internet users, uses the search engines to find the information of the products or services they would like to go for.

Host IT, Chennai’s focus is to design and develop websites, which serves both the human visitors, who are all the potential customers of the business and the search engines, which brings them to the website.

When it comes to a Website Designing, based on the customer’s nature of business, and their target audience we can choose the technology, using which the site has been developed. Be it a customized HTML website, or a site based on Content Management System(CMS), or a site which has to be built using a Shopping Cart, our team works to bring out the best site possible. And for each and every project we do, we use to learn the latest tools and technology available and implement the same.

Way of Approach:

Once we’ve found the prospective client for website designing, we’ll interact with them, to find out their nature of business, target audience, competitor and more. After getting all the info we’re in need of we’ll spend some time with the customer, to freeze the sitemap and content for the site and the technology upon which the site has to be developed. If the customer can be able to give the content, well and good, otherwise we’ll develop the content by based on the interaction we had with the customer and the input they’ve given us.

When the content is ready, we’ll design the templates for the site, which will be sent to the customer for any suggestion/correction on the same, and to get confirmation on the same, which one he wish to go for. Once the template of the website has been finalized by the customer, we’ll work out to complete the website and give a demo of the same, to the customer, and to ask for any suggestions/comments on the same. After getting the final confirmation on the website from the customer, we’ll upload the final site to the server.

To know about our work and few of our customers, please check out the Case Study page for which the link is provided below.

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